to have a dream

    Most of my blog posts have been about working in the boarding area in my clinic, because, in all honesty, I’d much rather talk about the amazing animals I get to see rather than the multitudes of people I have to deal with. But, working at a vet hospital has one amazing benefit (well, two if you count seeing so many animals everyday). I get to be in close contact with eight very talented veterinarians every day. That is every pairing veterinarian’s dream! 

    I have been able to witness/hear some amazing things. I have seen two surgeries by our head vet ( my personal favorite vet), a pyo and a neuter, as well as hearing some amazing stories and facts that every pre vet student should know. Working here this summer has prepared me more to be a veterinarian than any of the classes I took this past year could have. 

    My love for animals and my passion to serve them has only continued to increase since working here. It’s as if I have two sets of eyes now. One set I wear when I am at home or just out and about. The other set I wear when I am at work with all of these animals or basically anywhere that has animals. I am always so aware of them now. Well, I guess I should say that I am even MORE aware of them now. Who knew that could happen? Everyone who knows me knows that I have had a fire in my heart for animals since I came home from the hospital my first day in this world and was greeted by two crazy, beautiful, black Labrador retrievers. My passion for animals hasn’t stopped since. 

    “Until one has loved an animal, a part of one’s soul remains unawakened.” ― Anatole France


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