siberian husky


   I have not had much experience with the Siberian Husky until the past two years. My boyfriend has a beautiful two year old Husky. I always thought they were extremely pretty dogs, but they were never one of my favorites. I just never thought of them that much. 

    The first thing I must mention about Huskies: if you have never owned a dog or are not very experienced with dogs, Huskies are not the dogs for you! I don’t like stereotyping animals at all, but this is in the best interest of the dog. Huskies are stubborn and need a firm but kind hand to lead and teach them. 

    Second, they need A LOT of exercise. If you are not able to provide them with that, or if you live in an apartment or someplace with not much land, then your Husky will grow fat and lazy. Huskies are not supposed to be fat! They are very muscular and strong dogs. That is part of what makes them so beautiful. 

    Third, Huskies require a lot of maintenance. Another thing that makes them so stunning to look at is their beautiful coat. That beautiful coat, though, needs a lot of upkeep. Grooming is of the utmost importance with this breed. They have a double coat since they were bred in the cold, harsh climates of Russia. Their coat is designed to keep them warm in the winter time, and when it is the summertime, they need to be cool, so they shed the under part of their coat. That is why, when huskies shed, a lot of times you will see their hair just fall off in clumps. And, yes, the clumps with be found all over your house! 

    Fourth, huskies can be good family pets, but they are not the best around small children. They are super friendly towards other dogs though! 

    Like I said earlier, I do not like stereotyping dogs, so a lot of this stuff can be true, but it is not always true. It also has a lot to do with how the owner raises and trains them. They are known to be very stubborn dogs, but my boyfriend’s Husky is so well behaved, because my boyfriend took so much time and energy to train him when his Husky was just a little pup. 

    Huskies are truly beautiful and incredibly fascinating creatures. I could go on and on about them, but I don’t want to bore you! Until next time ❤️


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